Therapy, Augmentation Or Diverting Why Exercise And Stilnox Are Really A Bad Mixture

Therapy, Augmentation Or Diverting Why Exercise And Stilnox Are Really A Bad Mixture

This is a bonding session that includes prank calls, knocks at night and other “harmless fun” functions. The men’s 4x100m Olympic freestyle relay team made it sound like they were boys in a middle school camp. However, swimmers, such as Olympic medalists James Magnussen and Eamon Sullivan, admitted in a press conference yesterday that they also took the drug Stilnox a chemical prohibited by the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC).

Zolpidem (sold as Stilnox in Australia) is a prescription drug for the treatment of insomnia. So what part does it play in the lives of elite athletes.

In elite sports that often require international travel, such as swimming, Stilnox may be prescribed to help athletes cope with changes in their sleep cycle.

Stilnox Is Used For Related Reasons In Other Professional Sports Leagues

There has been a shift towards playing games at night to get a larger audience and high television ratings.

This implies the match did not finish until late at night and was often followed by warm up recovery sessions, media conferences, and trips. Some players report that high adrenaline after night matches can make it difficult to sleep and get adequate rest.

But does using Stilnox in this situation treat the underlying disease or is it only the use of prescription drugs by healthy people to facilitate an unhealthy part of the lifestyle.

The Stilnox use incident was one of the cloudy elite athletes but media reports for the previous three years had suggested it was prescribed for various athletes in soccer leagues, rugby union, Australian football rules, and in professional athletic leagues overseas such as the National Hockey League.

In July 2012, Olympic gold medalist Grant Hackett and his group colleagues reported that Stilnox was often prescribed for swimmers.

There are a number of well-documented and dangerous side effects of Stilnox when used in such behavior. In the United States, it is not accepted for long term use by the FDA.

Regular use of Stilnox increases the danger of addiction that can arise from the cycle between utilizing the top such as caffeine and energy drinks and downers like Stilnox.

Some coaches, commentators, and administrators have warned players about the dangers of taking large doses of caffeine before the game because of the risk of dehydration and dangerous changes in blood pressure when caffeine is combined with sleeping pills.

Swimming group disclosure shows another unintended consequence of the widespread use of Stilnox by sports groups diversion of drugs prescribed for recreational use.

Two of the swimmers, veterans Sullivan and Matt Targett, filled out prescription drugs before the AOC ban was enacted and gave their pills to younger teammates as a kind of bond.

Stilnox is not a prohibited drug so its use is not a doping offense. This will make it interesting for recreational experiments by young male athletes who are careful about using different drugs that are prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Recreational use of Stilnox also gained popularity in the overall population to produce euphoria, enhance sexual experience, and also to facilitate going down after using amphetamine or cocaine.

Other elite athletes are suspected of using Stilnox as a recreation. Since then, soccer league teams have banned their players from abusing Stilnox or supplying it to others.

Like other prescription drugs, we must worry about the transfer of Stilnox and the dangers of using it without medical supervision.

Proper recovery from training and competition is important for peak performance. When used short-term, Stilnox can be useful for treating insomnia in some athletes. But it should not be used often to facilitate lifestyle choices.

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